Class Motto for Learning Styles

See it, hear it, say it, do it, think it, & know it!


SEE IT: The students must see the work done. The teacher can do this. A video can provide it. An animation can do it. Another student can do it, but the students must have a visual component to the content. (Visual)

HEAR IT: The students must hear the content. Hearing the content strengthens the bonds of memory. This could be as simple as another student reading aloud the notes or the vocabulary. (Aural)

SAY IT: The students must speak the content. They can explain their thinking to a partner or the class or the teacher. They can read the notes aloud to another. They can answer open-ended questions aloud. It would even be okay for a more solitary student to read or review the material out loud to himself/herself. (Verbal)

DO IT: The students must do the content. There is no replacement for the students actually working out the problems for themselves and practicing the elementary and advanced skills. (Physical)

THINK IT: The students must think on the content. Opportunities must be provided through group work, journaling, verbal explanations in the front of the class, or otherwise by which they get to think further and deeper to make connections between current and old content as well as to consider applications. “Think time” is a must. (Logical)

All of this must exist for them to be immersed enough to learn, know, and remember the content.

It isn’t some magic formula … but it’s almost like one. 😉



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